Release Notes - 2023.07.26

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 26 July 2023.  

Data Processing Improvements 

Views and Materialized Views in Processing Scripts

  • This new feature allows the Data Engineer the option to set specific objects as views instead of tables. This allows the Data Engineer to trade-off between a View which is much faster to build because it doesn’t create a new copy of the data, and a Table which is faster for any objects that reference it because it doesn’t build the dataset each time it’s queried. Changing some objects to views should provide good performance improvements in the running of customer data processing scripts. We have a user guide available in the Help Center - Processing Scripts - Tables, Views and Materialized Views.   (ref. 13443)
  • We've changed the way we build Processing Scripts to use Materialized Views by default. In testing, we've found this approach improves the performance of Processing Scripts by around 10%, although real-world mileage may vary. This change is opt-in, and we recommend reaching out to the Customer Operations team to enable it. (ref. 13446)
  • We now support configurable Row Delimiters for Flat File inputs. This allows us to support files coming from systems that don't just use a standard new line character to signify a new line, but instead require multiple characters to signify a new line, allowing for new line characters to exist within a single field of data. (ref. 16423)

User Experience Innovations

  • This is advance notice that Multi-Page Storyboards will soon be released to everyone. We will be migrating from traditional Storyboards to the new Multi-Page Storyboards gradually with your Customer Success lead managing the migration from old to new. Once converted, all Storyboards will then be Multi-Page Storyboards. Users will not be able to have some as traditional Storyboards and some as Multi-Page Storyboards. Users and Admins who are worried about the traditional Storyboards should know that, after the conversion, their Storyboard will appear as page 1 and they have the option to add pages or not.  We aim to start the migration process to multi-page Storyboards after the release on August 9, 2023.

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed an issue where a Database Tables Data Destination running on several tables would error if it took more than 5 hours to extract all the tables. (ref. 16543)
  • We fixed an issue where loading files could error if it occurred during the weekly Maintenance Window period for Amazon Redshift. Amazon mandates that Redshift have a maintenance period once per week, and files that run during this time could error. (ref. 15992)
  • We fixed an issue where updating a Delimited File Input that already existed may result in the Filename column no longer being selectable within Processing Scripts. (ref 16725)



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