Release Notes - 2023.08.09

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 9 August 2023.  

One AI

Event Metrics for Population in Recipes

  • Event metrics can now be leveraged as the population metric in the Custom / Advanced Model recipe in One AI.  This enables a larger variety of recipes to be created, such as New Hire Success/Failure.  When selecting an event for the population, it is queried over a span of time.  The time between the population event and the prediction event is calculated dynamically.  The summary statement at the top of the recipe automatically updates to explain the time selections:

  • Prior to this release, only point in time metrics were available to define the population in Recipes.  We recommend you select the Balanced option in the “Which core attributes do you want to use in your prediction?” question with event metrics to ensure all key employee attributes are included.

User Experience Improvements

  • Multi-Page Storyboards will be gradually rolled out to all customers in the coming weeks. This involves migrating traditional Storyboards into the new Multi-Page format. Once converted, traditional Storyboards will no longer be available, and the traditional Storyboard contents will appear as Page 1 of your Multi-Page Storyboard. Your Customer Success Lead will be in touch with your team to coordinate the timing of your migration. In the meantime, you can learn more about Multi-Page Storyboards here.   
    • After the migration the cache warming process will be reset so it is important to note that the initial storyboard page load time may be slower than usual.  The cache will then naturally build and re-stabilize over time.
    • We are also rolling out page level usage statistics for Multi-Page Storyboards but this will need to be activated for your instance. For further assistance please speak with your Customer Success Lead.
  • We have made an enhancement to the user page for Admins so it sorts your active users by their Application Access and Data Access Roles to the top of the page. This will make it easier to determine which users are permissioned or assigned to a role. Contact your Customer Success Lead to enable the new user page under the Admin tab > Company. (ref 15184)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed an issue where Greenhouse V2 would error if two custom fields had the same name. These are now given two different names in the tables created within One Model and no longer error. (ref 14640)
  • We fixed a bug with the Commute Time augmentation where the auto-deploy run was failing. We made a few adjustments and resolved the issue so the auto-deploy feature for the Commute Time augmentation is working again.  (ref 2386)
  • And, we almost missed telling you that we fixed an issue with the scrollbars on Storyboards in Modify Mode. You might have noticed that we had a strange happening with lots of scrollbars, even double scrollbars on Storyboard tiles while in Modify Mode. There were too many scrollbars so we went ahead and fixed it. Now you will only see scrollbars when you need them. (ref 16721)




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