Release Notes - 2023.09.20

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 20 September 2023.  

User Experience Improvements

We are excited to announce the beta release of two inspiring features, Featured Storyboards and Tile Style!

Featured Storyboards - BETA Release

  •  Working with customers to build out One Model Home Page Storyboards over the years customers invariably include hyperlinks to a set of Storyboards that are relevant for everyone in the company.  Taking inspiration from this, we had the idea to build a new navigation capability into the product that lets you assign a set of links to Storyboards with the following key features:
    • It is available on the top navigation bar, so you can open it up at any time, no matter where you are in the One Model product.
    • It automatically opens when you log into the One Model application (but it does have an option to disable this as an individual user), so is great for guiding new users to the right content.
    • Role Based Security wraps around the feature, so while an Admin can assign up to 12 Storyboards to appear in the Featured Storyboards Panel, a user will only see the specific Storyboards that they have security permission to view. 
  • If you are interested in testing out the Featured Storyboards during the beta period please connect with your Customer Success Lead to have it enabled for your instance. Read more about Featured Storyboards. (ref 15503)

Tile Style - BETA Release

  • Our new Tile Style feature is designed to help you create more than ‘just a dashboard’ and effectively communicate data-driven insights with stylized Storyboards that users can access from the home page. Use colors, styles and designs to express your company brand and foster strong emotional connections across teams. Make all of your Storyboards the same, make each one different, change a tile here and there, perhaps on a page or two, the possibilities for creativity are endless. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

  • When you have finished designing your masterpieces, bring them to the attention of your users by adding them to the Featured Storyboards panel.
  • If you are interested in testing out the Tile Style capability during the beta period please connect with your Customer Success Lead to have it enabled for your instance. Read the Beta - Tile Style Guide (ref 11413).

One AI 

Embedded Insights: Major Forecasting Enhancements

Our forecasting framework and user experience have received a number of significant upgrades in this release.

  • One forecaster to rule them all - A single easier-to-use and more configurable forecaster replaces the separate “Forecast” and “Advanced Forecast” options.  The automatic Prophet forecasting configuration previously leveraged by the advanced forecast is still available for selection in the Storyboard tile settings in design mode. (ref 2237)
  • Intelligent forecasting model selection - One AI can automatically select between a curve fit model and an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model based on the data contained in the trend.  While a basic form of this functionality existed in the past, One AI now selects using Akaike information criterion (AIC) model scores to better balance model complexity and fit. (ref 2358)
  • Fine grained forecaster configurability - Running a forecast in Storyboard view mode is easier than ever but more advanced users are able to access both general and model-specific settings in Storyboard design mode.  These settings can be found on the Discover tab of the Tile Settings.  General settings include the ability to select the number of periods to predict, confidence interval, and bounds.  If you don’t want One AI to automatically select a forecasting model, you can manually select from Curve Fit, ARIMA, and Prophet.  Taking things a step further, you can allow One AI to automatically select the best settings for that model based on the trend data or you can configure custom settings pertaining specifically to each forecasting model.  (refs 2513, 2239)

  • Dynamic forecast descriptions - An information iconis now displayed in the tile header when a forecast is enabled.  Clicking on this icon displays a description of the forecasting model that was configured.  In the event that the Forecast Type was set to “Let One AI Decide”, the model chosen and justification for this choice are displayed in the drill through generated by clicking on a forecasted data point in the chart.  The description of the ARIMA model that was displayed when clicking on a forecasted data point prior to this release has been removed in favor of this dynamic explanation. (ref 2494)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed a bug with Storyboards where a deleted Storyboard was still appearing in the list of Storyboards in a dropdown menu such as ‘Replace’, ‘Link Tile to Storyboard’, or ‘Copy Page to Another Storyboard’. Now when a Storyboard is deleted it will not appear on any list. (ref 17314)
  • We fixed a bug with long names in Storyboard filter nodes that were hiding the > at the end of the row to indicate that there were more levels. Now the > appears at the end of every row where it applies, irrespective of the length of the name of the node.  (ref 15699)







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