How to Configure SFTP for Qualtrics

One of the data sources many of our customers use is Qualtrics. Qualtrics supports an automated export of their data (details here), which can then be sent to SFTP. Learn how to configure an SFTP User and a File Data Source to accept Qualtrics Data.

Step One: Create the Data Source 

  1. Navigate to the Data tab
  2. Select Data Sources
  3. Select Add Data Source
  4. Click on File

      5. Name the 'Data Source Qualtrics', and leave the rest of the default settings as they appear.

      6. Click Add

Step Two: Create the SFTP User 

Under Data Sources,

Click on the user icon as shown in the image below. 

Click + and create a new user called qualtrics.

Use the key button to create a password for the user, and save this password to be referenced later.


Step Three: Configure Qualtrics to send the Data to One Model

Follow the steps from Qualtrics to configure sending the data to One Model.

Step Four: Contact your Customer Success Lead to complete the configuration

Once you have sent the file from Qualtrics, contact your Customer Success Lead to let them know that the file has been sent so they can complete the configuration set up in One Model. 

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