Release Notes - 2023.10.18

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 18 October 2023.  

User Experience Innovations

Featured Storyboards and Tile Style

  • The new Featured Storyboards and Tile Style capabilities are generally available to all users. Thank you to everyone who participated in our beta testing and provided valuable feedback to finesse these features. 
  • Let’s recap;  Featured Storyboards is a new navigation capability that lets you assign a set of links to Storyboards with the following key features:
    • It is available on the top navigation bar, so you can open it up at any time, no matter where you are in the One Model product.
    • It automatically opens when you log into the One Model application (but it does have an option to disable this as an individual user), so is great for guiding new users to the right content.
    • Role Based Security wraps around the feature, so while an Admin can assign up to 12 Storyboards to appear in the Featured Storyboards Panel, a user will only see the specific Storyboards that they have security permission to view.

  • Tile Styles lets you extend the application of your branding to the tiles within Storyboards. You can change the style for all Storyboards, for individual Storyboards, or individual tiles within a Storyboard. Great to highlight and emphasize specific data points as part of your storytelling.

Change to Org Chart Navigation

  • When we first introduced the Org Chart, we created a dedicated page for creating and managing org charts. We put this under the Explore Menu, so Explore had two options, 1) Charts and Tables and 2) Org Chart.  In a return to simpler times, we have reverted the Explore option to be just a single click to take you to the Explore page and added a new icon on the menu bar for the Org Chart page next to the Featured Storyboards icon. 

One AI

  • New Hire Success / Failure Recipe - A new Recipe for predicting the success or failure of new hires has been added to One AI.  This Recipe guides you through the setup of a machine learning model that predicts whether or not hires are likely to remain employed a specified amount of time after being hired.  To learn more about the value this Recipe can provide, please check out this blog article:

Data Processing Improvements

  • We improved Incremental Feeds from SuccessFactors by replacing all records from SuccessFactors for any employees where a record for that employee was updated during the incremental period. (ref 17183)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We improved the cropping tool on the image selector in the Company branding settings. Previously, when users uploaded a large image that needed to be cropped, the cropping tool would not save the selected area and was instead installing just the top left corner of the image. We made a few changes and now users can upload a large image, use the cropping tool to select a specific area of the image, and save to show the cropped area correctly. (ref 17325)
  • We made a few refinements to the expanded Forecasting capabilities released recently (ref 2589).
    • In tile settings, when clicking on “Discover”, the “Forecast” section now defaults to expanded.
    • We changed the hyperlink to Prophet information that’s included in the Information modal when Prophet is selected to launch in a new tab.
    • A bug with turning off a forecast in design mode and then saving not removing the forecast was addressed.




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