Introduction to Data Destinations

Key to One Model’s vision is to free your data, and to that end not only do we free it from being locked away in transactional systems, but we also allow you to use it in One Model and in your other platforms.  One Model customers use Data Destinations for traditional analytical needs in other platforms as well as for scheduling data for integration to other systems in their ecosystem, e.g. org structures from the HRIS into the Applicant Tracking System, or Payroll. 

Data destinations refer to the designated endpoints or locations where data is intentionally sent, stored, or processed. It encompasses a wide range of possibilities, from traditional databases and cloud storage to data warehouses, and analytical platforms.

In One Model, a data destination allows users to specify a location to output data from their One Model instance. A data destination can include several files, and can output to:

  • SFTP
  • Amazon (S3 and Redshift)
  • Azure (Blob Storage and Data Lake Storage Gen 2)
  • Snowflake
  • OneAI - used exclusively for the OneAI platform, and cannot be accessed externally

The files that are put into a Data Destination can be created from:

  • A List query, either from Explore or a Storyboard
  • Processing Script
  • A selection of One Model Database Tables

To set up your data destination, you will first need to configure the connection by following the steps in this article - Configure a Data Destination.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs - Data Destinations

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