Deep Linking in One Model

One Model enables users to configure and link specific data elements to a dynamic hyperlink so they can tie their different systems together. This allows permissioned users to click a link and navigate to another webpage to review additional information related to the topic or subject. We call this feature deep linking, and it is available from a Storyboard list report, and in the drill-through table from any visualization tile in a Storyboard. 

Below are two examples of deep linking:

Deep linking within a list report on a Storyboard. 

Deep linking in the drill-through table. 

We know that our One Model users like the ability to click on employee names and link back to the HRIS while others connect to their talent apps and individual employee profiles including compensation forms and learning goals. Users can add deep links to hiring candidates or requisitions to open in the source applicant tracking system. 


To create a deep link, you will need the Application Access Permission CanEditDataWarehouseTableAndColumnLabels (likely limited to the Admin users in your company). 

How to create a deep link

Once you have this permission;

  1. Go to the Admin tab in the main navigation bar at the top of your One Model instance. 
  2. Next, select Table & Column Label Editor
    • The link is applied at the column level of your data table. In the examples shown above, the columns belong to the one.employee table, but you can add a deep link to any table column where you see the “Define Link Format” field. 


  1. Locate the relevant table and field, then enter the link for the target system.
    • You can include this text reference to another field within the same data table, and;
    • These reference fields should use the original field name with curly brackets {} at the start and end of the name. Do not enter the re-labelled name.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the table editor panel and click Save.


  1. The link will immediately be live in any list reports or drill-through tables that include the field. So make sure you test and validate the link is working as expected by going to a Storyboard and clicking on the live hyperlinks.

Navigating to an external link confirmation

One final point, the default behavior when a user clicks on the hyperlink is to show a notification that you are navigating to a page external to One Model, and identifies the destination. 

If you are confident of the security of the deep link you have enabled, then you can disable this popup notification by going to Admin > Company > Column Link Options



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