Release Notes - 2024.01.10

Welcome to the first One Model product release update for 2024. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 10 January 2024. If, like us, you are super excited by the year ahead check out the 2024 product release and maintenance calendar.

User Experience 

  • Exciting update! Now Storyboard Designers (users with 'CanCreateDashboard' permission) can effortlessly create brand new Storyboards directly from the Storyboard Library using the new [+] icon. Historically, the only way to create a new Storyboard was to either copy an existing Storyboard and make changes, or start with a chart/table in Explore and create a Storyboard from there,  Now with a simple click, you can create a fresh Storyboard, tailor it with a unique name and description, and dive straight into creating your analytical insights.  (ref 17923)

  • We've introduced a new UI toggle in Org Chart configuration, enabling users to hide cards without data items. This setting considers primary card results (e.g., No.3 Data Item, No.4 Data Item, and No.5 Data Item), not the data within the Details Panel. The 'Hide Cards with no Data Items' preference is persisted when pinning the Org Chart to a Storyboard or saving it to the Insight Library. This enhancement will be useful in removing inactive or unnecessary card displays. From the screenshots below you will see in the first image employees with no data in the org chart and in the second image, with the new switch activated, these employees aren't displayed. (ref 14523)

  • Storyboard designers can now link a Tile directly to a specific page within a Storyboard.  Previously the link could only be configured to a Storyboard, which would direct users to Page 1 by default.  With this enhancement you can create a seamless journey for users ensuring they land exactly where they need to.  (ref 15458)

Data Processing Improvements

  • We've added Intellisense to our Processing Script page! This will provide assistance with script syntax and things like automatically re-reference tables and columns that have been used elsewhere in the Processing Script. (ref 17937)
  • We have added the ability to configure underlying Linked Tables between SuccessFactors objects, instead of just bringing through all Linked Objects that may exist between two SuccessFactors objects. This allows us to reduce our overall data load, and skip any Linked Tables if we don't need them, particularly in cases where configuration on the SuccessFactors side can cause these individual Linked tables to error. (ref 16741)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We have updated the Org Chart Home Page Tile to display the action menu (3 dots) on the Tile Header. This enhancement allows permissioned users to conveniently ‘Explore the Org Chart’ and ‘Export Chart’ from the Home Page tile.  It also brings the Org Chart tile in line with other tiles on the Home Page. (ref 16191)
  • In One AI, the handling of valid unique identifier duplication in New Hire Success / Failure Recipes has been improved. Rather than suppressing the report and displaying a general 'Action Needed' message when Data Statistics are generated in the Recipe, the report is now displayed along with a more specific message guiding the user to configure composite dataset ID keys. (ref 2762)



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