Introduction to List Reports

List Reports are a powerful feature commonly used for operational reporting of a wide range of content, mostly when detailed record-level data is more important than an aggregate metric result. 

With table-based views of the data in both aggregate and detailed forms, list reports are incredibly flexible. They allow for analysis across tables, are more flexible than drillthrough, and can connect to your HRIS using deep links in Storyboards. Some common list reports include complete employee lists, details of current requisitions and variations of these.

List reports are especially useful during data validation as you can easily compare your source data with the One Model data without drilling through into the detail. 

Created in Explore, list reports offer a wide range of possibilities. You can display large volumes of data in a single tile on a Storyboard, save the List Report to the Insight Library, export it to a CSV file, or add it to a data destination.  

Key Features:

  • Quickly collate and display large volumes of data.
  • Build the query using your dimensions, pivoted dimensions, metrics, and additional columns.
  • Then decide whether to export your list report, pin your query to a new or existing Storyboard, save it to the Insight Library, add it to a data destination, or update a Storyboard tile. 
  • Customize your list report in Storyboards using options for additional formatting such as conditional formatting, renaming columns, pagination, hiding columns, adding sparklines and change indicators, and conditional formatting. 
  • Use deep linking to third-party websites like your HRIS to enhance the user experience. 
  • Combine multiple metrics, dimensions, and additional columns to include as much data in your list report as you need.

Ready to get started? 

We recommend reading through the series of articles in the following order:

  1. Introduction to List Reports (this article)
  2. Creating a Simple List Report
  3. Creating a Detailed List Report
  4. Using Dimensions in List Reports 
  5. Formatting a List Report 

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