Release Notes - 2024.02.21

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 21 February 2024.  

User Experience 

Sankey Data Visualization [Beta]

  • Thank you to our beta testers who eagerly tried and tested our first iteration of Sankey Diagram data visualizations in Storyboards. It’s not too late to provide your feedback through our feedback form located at the bottom of the Beta - Sankey Diagram Guide. 
  • And, while you were busy testing Sankey Diagrams, we were busy working on the various enhancements and improvements detailed below. 
    • What's New: 
      • We addressed feedback that the appearance of the selection [eye] icon in the new Define panel was confusing. Now, the selection [eye] icon and the filtering [check / cross] icons are now located at the left side of the dimension node and it is easier to see your selections and unselections. 
      • When the node is unselected, the closed [eye] icon aligns with the 'Main Contents Colour' ensuring consistency across the platform. And when selected, the open [eye] icon color is displayed with the positive status of green.
      • You also told us that the selected level icon also did not adhere to our UI branding logic.
      • Small design updates to the Dimension and Time Period Node sections to ensure a smooth experience for Storyboard designers. 
      • To drill down, simply click the arrow icon [arrow] on the right.
      • The Breadcrumb section features a light gray background for improved visibility, and the breadcrumb path wraps seamlessly for enhanced readability.
        (ref 18715, 18788, 1887)

Conditional Formatting

  • We've introduced a new enhancement to our Conditional Formatting feature based on valuable customer feedback. Users can now utilize the 'Between' condition, ‘Is Between’ and ‘Is Not Between’, in Tile Settings > Table Style > Conditional Formatting, allowing customized formatting when a value falls within a specified range (e.g., if turnover is between 10% and 20%, then highlight red). This condition includes two input boxes for users to set threshold amounts/values easily and will provide greater flexibility and precision in highlighting data. (ref 10171)

User Management

  • On the page Admin > Users, we added three columns showing when the user was created, last logged in, or deactivated. This information aligns with the Admin reports; timings are local server system times, meaning the browser/device time. (ref 18057)

Query Performance Improvement

  • We have developed an optimization related to how we perform joins for particular queries.  Here we have modified the Filtering logic in the query engine so that instead of just putting dimension filters into the WHERE clause, it converts the Dimension relationship to an INNER and adds the filter to the FROM clause. It’s a fairly technical, low-level, change to our underlying platform, but hopefully results in some noticeable performance benefits when opening Storyboards. (ref 19099)

Data Processing Improvements

Improvements for handling conflicts when multiple people are working on the same processing script.

  • We now block users from saving the processing script if the script version they are editing has already been updated by someone else since they loaded it. This prevents multiple users who have accessed the same processing script page simultaneously from saving over each other’s work when editing a script. The block stops a user from editing, saving, and promoting their changes to production if the script has already been updated by someone else since they loaded the processing script page. (ref 14654)

  • Added a new flag on the Workday, WorkdayCustomReports, and Smart Recruiters Data Sources: "Parse Integers With Leading Zeroes As Strings"

    - When enabled, any numeric / integer ID fields will include any leading zeroes (i.e. ID fields with a value of 0001 will be saved as 0001. Otherwise, it will be saved as 1.)

    - Toggling this requires a destructive load to update the entire data set. (ref 18472)

  • Added a new flag on the SuccessFactors data source: "Enable De-Duplication Logic"

    - This flag is available to One Model Admins only.

    - When enabled, any duplicate returns from SuccessFactors API will be removed. The duplicate records are determined by the tables' primary key.

    - This defaults to false for all existing data sources and true for the new ones. (ref 14561)

  • Added a new flag on the SuccessFactors data source: "Remove Date Columns from Primary Keys"

    - This flag is available to One Model Admins only.

    - This is an enhancement to capture deleted records on incremental loads.

    - When enabled, the tables' primary key will no longer include the date columns for the primary key so the object records can be refreshed at any point in time. Hence, capturing the deleted records on incremental loads.

    - This defaults to false for all existing data sources and true for the new ones. (ref 18540)

Data Handling

  • From March 1st, 2024, we are reducing the data retention period to 30 days for any files uploaded or transferred to One Model via SFTP, API, Manual Upload etc. This change is being implemented to keep our data retention practices aligned with evolving privacy regulations.

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We have made an enhancement to ensure invalid dimension nodes used as filters are clearly marked invalid in Explore. The Explore Filter chip will display a warning icon, and the invalid dimension node will be visually indicated with a strike-through. (ref 18881)

  • On the “Which core attributes do you want to use in your prediction?” step in One AI Recipes, we added a Scope selection of “None”. This allows you to start from scratch when selecting attributes. We also added an information tooltip to this area that explains what each selection option means. (refs 2579 and 2891)

  • We added an option to the Commute Time Augmentation to return distance in kilometers as an alternative to the default of miles. This option can be found on the Augmentation Configuration screen when an Augmentation Type of Commute Time is selected. The selector is called Distance Units and the options are Miles (default) and Kilometers.  (ref 2893)

  • In the past, the scatter plot chart always displayed metrics at two decimal places on both axes in Storyboards, even if the metrics were configured not to display decimals. This issue has been resolved. (ref 2825)

  • We resolved an issue with the scatter plot chart where if the Min Value for either Axis was set to 0 in the tile settings in Storyboards and saved, it reverted back to "auto" and displayed a negative axis value. (ref 2878)




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