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Customize your basic chart or pie chart legend by grouping legends by metric name or hiding the legend name all together. This helps decrease chart clutter and redundancies making your legends simpler and easier to read. This feature is currently available for Basic Charts and Pie Charts.


After turning on Hide Metric Names:


After turning on Group Legend:


After turning on Hide Metric Names:

To get started using the Custom Chart Legends, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Enable the permissions.
  2. Start customizing your legend!

1. Permissions

The permissions of CanExploreData and CanCreateDashboard are required to create a Storyboard with access to relevant data. These permissions are accessed from Admin > Application Access Roles/Data Access Roles > Permission page.  

The user will also need Storyboard edit permission to make any modifications to that Storyboard. This permission is accessed from Admin > Data Access Role > Storyboard > Edit or via Storyboard Settings > Sharing > Can View & Edit.

2. How to use your custom chart legend

The legends on basic charts in Storyboards can be customized by showing or hiding the chart legend and changing its positioning on the chart.

To activate the basic chart custom legend on a Storyboard;

  1. Open the Storyboard and click on the Pencil Icon to enter Modify Mode.

  1. Hover over a chart to reveal the tile menu and click on the color palette icon to  to open the Tile Setting panel.

  1. In Tile Settings, scroll down to the Legend section. 
  2. Slide the toggle on Custom Legend to On. This will reveal the options to: 
    1. Hide Metric Names; and,
    2. Group Legend.

  1. Hide Metric Names will do as the name suggests and hide the metric name. When using one metric, this can be very useful to avoid redundancy. In order to avoid ambiguity, be aware to mention the metric name somewhere else such as in the chart or Storyboard title.

When turning on Hide Metric Names and Group Legend, the result will be the same as just Hiding Metric Names as the Group Name will be hidden.

  1. Group Legend will make the metric name a header for the chart legend to avoid repetition. 

This option is especially useful if you have multiple metrics in the chart.

Additional Options

The Custom Legend option will display on all basic charts, and should show the same results across Series Type, Stacking, Horizontal bars, multiple Y Axis or custom color palettes.


For Pie Charts, Custom Legends can also apply when selecting the Series Name as Data Label instead of displaying the Chart Legend:

The Custom Legend options have parity with the existing Legend options such as Legend Horizontal, Legend Vertical, Legend Max Height and Reverse Legend. Think of the custom legends as an additional tool for your chart legends. 


Still to come

    • Legend Max Height Bugfix
    • Custom Chart Legends on Scatter Plots
    • Ability to hide other duplicated Dimension information
    • Enhancements to Custom Chart Legends in Define 

Feedback Form

We invite our beta-testers to complete this feedback form to share what they liked about this feature, any bugs they encountered, and suggestions for future development.  

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