Release Notes - 2024.03.06

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 6 March 2024.  

Customer Community Webinar

  • The first Quarterly Product Webinar for 2024 is coming up on Tuesday, March 26th. Join us to review our recent product updates, discuss where the industry is going, and look at unique product use cases. We are running two sessions; click the link below to register for live and recorded access to this event:

One AI

Table Insights

  • Table Insights is a new type of One AI Embedded Insight that brings statistical capability to tables in your Storyboards. Table Insights quickly and clearly highlight potentially noteworthy or unusual areas in your organization's data. 

  • Leveraging the powerful one proportion z-test, Table Insights factors in both rate and population size and applies greater weighting to larger populations to ensure you are getting meaningful results. Table Insights help answer questions like:
    • Do we have a high amount of attrition in a certain area of the company?
    • Are certain teams promoting a disproportionately small (or large) percentage of employees?
    • Does a gender imbalance exist in any departments within the company?

  • List tiles meeting the following criteria will allow for Table Insights to be run either on demand or automatically whenever the Storyboard loads, provided the user has permission granted.
    • A proportional rate metric, such as Termination Rate or Headcount % Diverse
    • A population metric, such as Average Headcount or End of Period Headcount
    • At least one dimension to make groupings, such as Location or Organization Unit
  • You can take full control of Table Insights with options to configure the statistical parameters as well as sorting, filtering, and highlighting.

  • Check out the One AI Table Insights guide for more information on table set up, data requirements, and permissioning information. We can’t wait to see all of the creative ways you use Table Insights to elevate your Storyboards. (ref 2442)

Other One AI Enhancements

  • We made Generative Attributes more flexible for the New Hire Success / Failure Recipe by allowing for columns in joined tables to be used for grouping. This enables team, location, and other groupings in Generative Attributes without the need for data engineering work. (ref 2691)

User Experience Improvements

Custom Chart Legends [Beta]

  • We are excited to announce the beta release of the Custom Chart Legend for basic charts in Storyboards. Now you can customize your basic chart legend by grouping legends by metric name or hiding the legend name all together which helps decrease chart clutter and redundancies making your legends simpler and easier to read. Learn more about custom chart legends in our beta guide.  Speak with your Customer Success Lead if you would like to join the beta test group.



Sankey Diagram Data Visualization

  • The official beta testing period for the Sankey Diagram has concluded, and we would like to thank everyone that participated for sharing their valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement.

    In the upcoming release, the Sankey Diagram will be made generally available.  The Sankey Diagram together with the Basic Chart, Key Value and List Table will be integrated with the new Define panel (Explore in Storyboards), launching as a beta feature. Stay tuned for further updates. 

    • We have introduced validation messages to assist the creation of Sankey Diagrams by providing the basic parameters (metric, 2 dimensions, pivoted dimension) required in the notification bar. (ref 18795)
    • We added a tooltip for clearer guidance on the functionality of the "Normalize Colors" option in Tile Settings. Tooltip states "This toggle is applicable only when the source nodes match the target nodes." (ref 18838)
    • We have improved chip content display for dimension nodes in the Define panel. Now, when a single selection is made, it shows as a number and not the dimension node name. We have also implemented a maximum width for label length to ensure readability and tooltips are available for displaying full labels if needed. (ref 18923)
    • We have improved user messaging for queries in the Define panel that return no data or returns no data due to null/zero values. The left-hand panel will now display a message indicating "No data was returned for the query." When encountering this message in Storyboard Tiles, users will now have access to both the Explore and Define icons in edit mode. This allows for easier navigation and troubleshooting of query-related issues. (ref 18960)
    • We've introduced the ability to filter top or bottom results in Sankey charts, providing users with greater control over their data visualization. Users can now select a metric and choose to filter top or bottom results, specifying the number of rows to include. (ref 18523)

Admin Improvements

  • On the pages Admin > Users, and Admin > Application Access Roles > Users, the button Show Inactive / Hide Inactive has been replaced by a toggle to make it more obvious if the list includes Inactive Users. (ref 18930 & 18980)
  • Strengthen your company’s data integrity with our latest update, focusing on responsible data usage and privacy compliance. Admins with the permission CanConfigureCompany, can now add the company's privacy or data usage statement through the Admin tab > Company > Export Formatting Options. Toggle the checkbox to include your 'Responsible use of Data Statement'. Once enabled, your statement will appear in the CSV download file header whenever users export charts or tables from Explore, Storyboard, or the Home Page. Inactive checkbox? Your CSV file downloads remain unchanged, and no extra information will be added. (ref 16135)

Data Processing Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where User A could open a script and save it, User B could then open the script and make a breaking change, and save it, and then User A could promote the script to Production - promoting User B's broken script, instead of User A's saved and validated script. (ref 18596)
  • Fixed an issue where a Data Destination that used to be scheduled to run at a certain time, but is now scheduled to run On Data Load Completion, might still try to run at the old scheduled time as well as on Data Load Completion. (ref 17814)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed a bug that caused the Featured Storyboards panel to be cut off, depending on the browser zoom levels. (ref 17465)
  • We made some changes to Storyboard caching to better handle some specific customer configuration scenarios. This shouldn't impact the majority of customers. (ref 18917)
  • We removed a category naming icon from the core attributes selection section in One AI Recipes because it didn’t serve a purpose there. (ref 2965)
  • In this release, we've addressed issues encountered during exports, where the system repeatedly attempted to export data, leading to performance slowdowns. To resolve this, we've implemented a fix ensuring that export attempts are retried a maximum of 5 times, thereby preventing any strain on the system.  Admins and users will see that the export has 'Errored' on the Export page. (ref 17052)




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