Release Notes - 2024.03.20

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 20 March 2024.  

Reminder - Customer Community Webinar

  • The first Quarterly Product Webinar for 2024 is coming up on Tuesday, March 26th.
    Join us to review our recent product updates, discuss where the industry is going, and look at unique product use cases. Click the link below to register for live and recorded access to this event.
    We are running two sessions: 

User Experience Improvements

  • We have released the Sankey Diagram for data visualizations in Storyboards for all users.(GA release) With this release we have made further enhancements including the optimization of the user interaction experience by increasing the size of the Define panel access through the Storyboard Modify Mode. The panel will dynamically adjust its size based on the screen resolution, maintaining full-screen display even on smaller screens. (ref 18752)

  • Building on the success of the Define panel in the Sankey Diagram beta release, we are excited to announce the expansion of the Define panel to include Basic Charts, Lists and Key Values.  
    • What is it? Think of it as Explore seamlessly integrated within your Storyboards. No more switching back and forth; now, you can uncover insights, create visualizations, and modify Tiles - all without leaving your Storyboard.
    • In its beta release, the Define Panel unlocks existing and new visualizations, including Basic Charts, Lists, Key Values, Sankey Diagram, Free Text Tiles, and the ability to insert content from the Insight Library or jump straight to Explore or Org Charts.
    • Experience data exploration right within your Storyboard. 
    • Learn more about the new Define Panel in this guide. (ref 18130)


    • For Custom Chart Legends in Basic Charts (currently in Beta testing), when choosing Legend Horizontal Center, the Legend used to be left-aligned. This has now been switched to center-aligned to create parity with the regular legend. (ref 18757)
  • We are close to releasing the beta version of Table Totals in Storyboards, a feature that many of you have been eagerly awaiting. We're initiating an early beta to gather valuable insights from select customers, so if you’re interested in participating, please reach out to your Customer Success Lead. Read about the capabilities of Table Totals in our comprehensive Beta - Table Totals Guide (ref 14985, 17995).

One AI

  • High Performer Recipe - A new Recipe for predicting whether your employees are likely to be high performers in the future has been added to One AI.  This Recipe guides you through the setup of a machine learning model that uses past performance and other attributes about each employee to predict whether they're likely to be a high performer in a specified amount of time. (ref 2976)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We've improved the efficiency of Cache Warming by no longer caching some queries that we found were not getting run by end-users. (ref 19202)
  • We fixed a bug that caused the Featured Storyboards panel to be cut off depending on browser zoom levels. (ref 19232)
  • We've improved the backend process to delete an API data source, so the process completes successfully and does not hit a timeout while deleting the API data source. (ref 18692) 
  • When selecting a p-value in Table Insights, a dynamic explanation of that particular value is displayed. We modified the message slightly to provide a more accurate explanation. (ref 3059)
  • In the scatter plot chart, hovering over a point displays a tooltip. The values displayed were always to two decimal points regardless of the metric configuration. We updated this to reflect the metric configuration. (ref 2984)
  • On the One AI Results Summary report for completed machine learning runs there are options to download a number of files. The file for Grid Search Metadata has been renamed to gridsearch_metadata.csv to make it better describe the contents and open more cleanly. (ref 2379)


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