Refining Machine Learning Models for Beginners - Video

Watch this video to learn simple, yet effective ways to refine machine learning (ML) models so you can improve their performance or better fit your models to a specific task or dataset.


I-PaperPlane.svg Beginners; all One AI users 

You will learn:

  • Foundational knowledge on what refining a ML model is and its importance to prepare you for more advanced model configuration.
  • How to leverage the EDA & Results Summary reports to infirm what types of model refinements make sense for different models.
  • How to perform the configurations and overrides we discuss in the One AI tool:
    • Recipe Reconfiguration 
      • Adjusting training dataset time frame (history)
      • Core attribute scope
      • Generative attributes
    • Creating separate models for different parts of the organization
    • Global settings & null drop threshold
    • Per Column Interventions 
      • Droppability
      • Null filling
  • The impact of configurations and overrides to guide you in future model refinement.

Run Time: > 25 minutes


Read our detailed guide - Refining a Machine Learning Model in One AI. 

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