Release Notes - 2024.05.15

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 15th May 2024.  

User Experience Improvements

Funnel Charts

  • Funnel Charts have arrived! The latest addition to our data visualizations in Storyboards, funnel charts help you to visualize the flow of users through an ordered process.  The Funnel Chart is perfectly suited for illustrating flow through your recruitment process so you can quickly identify bottlenecks, reductions or progressions. Watch this short video or learn more in our Funnel Charts Guide. (ref 18801)


  • We continue to expand the coverage of our data visualizations within the new Storyboard Define Panel with the addition of the Scatterplot chart. The scatterplot enables users to visualize and understand relationships between variables, identify outliers, clusters and trends in data sets. The Scatterplot chart joins Basic Charts, Lists, Key Values, Funnel Charts, GeoMap, Free Text Tiles, Pie Chart, and Sankey Chart. (ref 18136)


  • On basic charts and pie charts, there is a new section in Tile Settings - Legend that groups all of the Legend related settings together. (ref 18187, 19824)

  • We made an improvement to custom chart legends which will prevent users from turning on Hide Metric and Group Metric at the same time. When Hide Metric is turned on, and a user enables Group Metric, Hide Metric will get disabled automatically and vice versa. (ref 19375)
  • We fixed a bug that caused custom legend items to multiply when enabling the Forecasting feature on line charts. (ref 19387)
  • We made an update to Custom Chart Legends that prevents previously observed flickering when Group Legend was ON with Legend position center and Legend was sized to fit a single row. (ref 19723)


  • We have started adding tooltips to some of the key areas of the One Model application, including the main navigation bar, Explore Org Charts, Featured Storyboards, User Menu, Explore Charts & Tables, Insight Library, Storyboard Library, Admin Site Validation, so you will see these gradually appearing as we expand them across the product. With tooltips readily accessible, users can easily understand the purpose and functionality of each icon without the need for additional clicks or exploration. (ref 18879)

Metric Editor

  • New to the metric editor is the ability to explicitly exclude nodes in dimension filters when creating or editing a metric. Previously, users would have to select everything except those unwanted nodes, but now you can simply click on the x to quickly exclude. We have updated the article - How to Create Metrics to reflect this change. (ref 17365)

One AI

  • One AI Recipe configuration details are now saved every time you run a Machine Learning model. This feature enables you to see what changed from run to run. The information can be found on a new tab called Recipe Configuration that has been added to the Runs screen for completed runs. Only new runs after the 2024.05.15 release will contain this information. (ref 2918)

  • Related to the change we announced in the last product release to add One AI to the main navigation bar of the product, we are starting to rename some of the underlying Application Access Role permissions.  In this release the CanAccessAugmentations application access role permission has been renamed to CanAccessOneAIMenu. Please be aware that we have more changes coming soon. (ref 3218)

Data Processing Improvements

  • Handled a case where Workday could be unresponsive when queried, giving an unexpected response. (ref 19460)
  • Fixed an issue where SuccessFactors API runs could get stuck checking whether the SuccessFactors endpoint was currently available. (ref 19805)
  • We fixed an issue where date fields with some formats wouldn't load correctly from the Qualtrics API. (ref 19708)
  • Fixed an issue where SuccessFactors API Data Sources could get stuck in a running state if there was a delay in receiving a response from a request to the SuccessFactors API. (ref 20002)
  • We fixed a bug where the action button on the Site validation error page failed to navigate users to the correct storyboard/page URL. (ref 19718)
  • We have improved the stability of Data Destinations that are running when our software is updated during a product release. (ref 18560)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We have improved Key Value error handling in the Define Panel for Storyboards. Users are now alerted to any issues during query execution through warning and error messages, along with color-coded notification bar indicators. (ref 19466)
  • Fixed an issue where special characters, for example '&' were being displayed as '%amp;' in some areas of the application. This issue has now been corrected. (ref 19900)
  • In this release, we've refined the close behavior for pop-up windows to align with logical expectations. By default, most pop-ups can now be closed by clicking outside the window. However, certain pop-ups, such as the "Session Timeout" notification and pop-ups containing editable content now require closure using the buttons provided within the window. This update fixes a glitch observed in the 'Create a New Storyboard' feature, where the pop-up box would unexpectedly vanish upon moving the mouse outside the panel. (ref 18764)
  • We have resolved a bug causing 500 errors when exploring widgets in Storyboard edit mode. The explore icon now remains hidden until Storyboard changes are saved, improving user experience. (ref 18978)
  • We resolved an issue where the Table Subtotal feature was not being applied correctly when excluding dimensions in filters. Previously, applying Subtotal settings to a widget would result in the settings being lost upon saving. With this fix, Subtotal settings now persist correctly after saving Storyboard settings. (ref 19629)
  • We fixed an issue where widgets reverted to their previous state after making changes to Tile Settings. Updates now save immediately without requiring page refresh. (ref 20006)



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