Release Notes - 2024.05.29

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 29 May 2024.  

User Experience Improvements

  • Now in beta, you can enhance the information on your Storyboard by adding commentary and explanations using datapoint annotations in Basic Charts. A popular use for annotations is to provide context for a notable change in data, improve clarity and highlight focus areas for Storyboard users and creators alike. Speak with your CS Lead to enable the feature and check out the Beta - Annotations Guide (ref 18776)

  • We recently introduced the GeoMap visualization in the Define Panel for Storyboards. Now with improved GeoMap error handling, users are alerted to any issues during query execution through warning and error messages, along with color-coded notification bar indicators. (ref 19344)

  • We have made some further improvements to Custom Chart Legends to improve the spacing, and we have enabled Custom Chart Legends in the Define Panel. (ref 20004,19759)

One AI

  • The CanConfigureGenerativeAttributes Application Access Role setting has been renamed to CanConfigureOneAIGenerativeAttributes to be consistent with other One AI settings. We have also added the CanConfigureOneAI permission. (ref 3276)

Data Processing Improvements

  • We've increased the resiliency of the model processor when users are running queries in Storyboards and Explore. Previously, the Model Processor might error after three attempts to complete the finalization step, which is caused by users running queries that block the Finalization step from completing. We made some changes and now the Model Processor will continue to retry up to 12 times. (ref 19698)
  • To improve data loading performance, we now skip Validating files that come from API Data Sources to reduce time and complexity. This step was unnecessary as the data is already validated by the API Connectors. We will be rolling this change out to all customers over the next couple of months. (ref 19402)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • A bug occurred when Custom Legend was ON and Legend Position was set to Center: When resetting legend max height via the x next to the input field, the legend defaulted to cutting off parts of the legend. We have fixed that, so that the default legend height will always be 30% of the chart height. It can then be further adjusted via the Legend max height setting (ref 19732)
  • We have addressed a customer-reported issue identified during beta testing where Table Totals were not calculating correctly with the 'Expand/Collapse' feature. Previously, totals would display correctly for the highest level in the table, but expanding to the next level would result in double counting of values. (ref 20001)
  • We have fixed a bug where the custom legend spacing was uneven when Group Legends and Reverse Legends applied. (ref 20126)
  • We've resolved an issue where the Expand/Collapse feature incorrectly expanded nodes with similar prefixes in their paths. We've updated the code to ensure proper functionality. (ref 19507)
  • We fixed a bug with Featured Storyboards where the Storyboards weren’t rendering properly and the text was being obscured by the images. Now, the Featured Storyboards appear just as they should. (ref 20088)
  • An issue with the column_selections_count being incorrect in the Recipe Configuration details on Machine Learning runs in One AI was addressed. As part of the fix, that config was re-named to core_features_count. (ref 3274)




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