Why do dimension filters persist in some tiles after I have removed it from the storyboard filter panel?

When you apply a dimension filter at the storyboard level, it will apply to every tile across every page of the storyboard.



Unless an Admin has Disabled Storyboard Filters at the tile level, like this Annual Salary Band example. 


As a user, I can hit the x symbol to clear a single filter from all tiles, or use the 3 dots and select “Reset & Apply to Saved Version” to clear multiple filters all at once. 


But what if I have cleared the filters at storyboard level and a tile is still showing Location = Asia Pacific on the Net Hire Trend tile (for example)? 


This is because a user has queried the tile in Explore - via the 3 dots on the tile or Modify Storyboard - while the storyboard level filter was applied, and then selected to Update Storyboard Tile from Explore. This then applies the filter at Explore / query level which persists on the storyboard tile whether the storyboard level filter is applied or not. 


To clear the Explore / query level filter, a user will need to go into Explore and remove the filter, Run the query, then Update Storyboard Tile. 

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