Release Notes - 2024.06.12

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 12 June 2024.  

User Experience Improvements


  • A longstanding and much used feature of Storyboard tiles is the ability to define a hyperlink on the tile heading that can take the user to another Storyboard. Now, you can create links between tiles to different pages on the same Storyboard. Simply go into Modify Mode>Tile Settings>Link Tile to Storyboard, then select your Storyboard, choose your page, and click save.  (ref 20100)

  • We extended the error handling in the Define Panel for Storyboards to Basic Charts and Tables. Users are now alerted to any issues during query building through warning and error messages, along with color-coded notification bar indicators as shown below.  (ref 19464, 19468)

  • The GeoMap button in Storyboard Edit Mode will only be visible if the user has the required permissions. 
    • To create a chart or table the user will require the standard permission of "CanExploreData" from Admin>Application Access Roles>Permissions, and for GeoMap the additional enablement of "Geo Location" from Admin>Data Access Role > Dimension > Location. (ref: 19516)


  • When creating an annotation, now you can type in the annotation straight into the text field without having to click again. The most recent annotation will always show on top. (ref 20019)
    • Example 1

    • Example 2:

  • We have made improvements to annotations so you can add two annotations to the same datapoint, as shown in the examples below. (ref 20238)
    • Example 1

    • Example 2:


  • We have streamlined the Tile Style Settings by moving the configuration option from within the Tile Settings panel to now sit directly within the Tile menu options with a new icon. (ref 20094)

Before:                                                                                       After:


  • The 'User Menu' tooltip has been renamed to 'Account Menu'. (Ref: 18879).
  • We made a small update to ensure consistent terminology for chart types are used across the Storyboard Panel and Define builder, as detailed below. (ref 19932)
Now Was
List Table Table
Funnel Chart Funnel Diagram
Sankey Chart  Sankey Diagram

Data Processing Improvements

  • We added an export button to the Site Validation page for downloading the list of issues into a CSV file. The download is available per section. (ref 19918)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed an issue where two Qualtrics Data Sources could be configured to write to the same location on the Database, potentially causing them to overwrite each other. (ref 20042)
  • We have improved error messaging for users encountering permission denial when changing saved filters on a Storyboard due to data access role restrictions. (ref 18970)




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