Release Notes - 2022.02.23

Welcome to the 2022.02.23 One Model product release! This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 23 February 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • We have added support for several new Get_Change Endpoints in Workday V2. These endpoints are only available on newer Target Versions (versions of Workday’s API), and so this value in the connector may need to be updated to get access:

The new endpoints can then be found under Human_Resources:

(ref 10367)

  • We have improved data destinations to allow the user to set the timestamp and extension for a Query Engine file in a Data Destination (ref 2670)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • A few releases ago we updated the way we handle some time models to resolve issues to do with levels of granularity (ref 8389), but found one of these wasn’t really meeting customer needs, so have reverted it to the previous behavior, that is the Previous Period time function. (ref 10785)

  • We have also tightened the bolts on a few minor UI issues. (ref 10727, 10836).



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