Release Notes - 2022.03.23

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 23 March 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience

Set an initial state of filters in a Storyboard

I know you are all closely reading the release notes and you’ll notice that we are regularly enhancing the Storyboard filter bar as it is one of the most powerful features of the user experience. This release brings some more enhancements - watch for more in coming releases.


A user can add any dimensions they have permissions to use as filters in a Storyboard and the existing Storyboard filter bar has an option where the Storyboard designer can set particular filter dimensions to appear by default when a user opens the Storyboard. This is the Default Filter Template. You edit this when you are editing a Storyboard. This feature is good for providing suggested, or commonly used, filters so end-users don’t need to add them, e.g. Org Unit, Employment Status, Location are commonly added into a Storyboard Filter Template.


In this release we added an enhancement to the Storyboard Filter Template so that a Storyboard designer can also set the initial state of actual selections with filter dimensions. Today some customers have common filters that they are adding to all of the tiles in a Storyboard one-by-one, so this new enhancement will make the management of these Storyboards much easier. A good example of this is when you might want all of the content in a Storyboard filtered to include or exclude contingent workers, or just active employees. You can apply these filter selections while editing the Storyboard to see what it will look like before saving the Storyboard.


This new feature applies to the initial loading of the Storyboard, but users are still able to make changes to filters as per the current user experience. One thing to note is that if a user has set a personal saved filter set as their default filters then these saved filters will apply by default, not the Storyboard Filter Template - this is the same as it works today. (ref 10509)


Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • There is a bug in the Workday APIs where it will send Education Attachment data even if that data is disabled in the request to the Workday API. In order to reduce processing times and data storage, we are ignoring that data when it is returned to the API. (ref 10732).

  • Fixed an issue where Workday can error because of errors used in calculations for custom fields. We will now ignore these records when this error is found, and retry those records on subsequent Data Loads. (ref 10925).

  • We added a minor enhancement to how the One Model Help button works. When you click the Help button it will now open in a separate browser tab so you can keep your working page open. (ref 8629)






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