Release Notes - 2022.05.11

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 11 May 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience

Storyboard Filter Prompting

  • When Storyboards are first opened they automatically run with the default filters that have been defined in the Storyboard filter template, or automatically apply the user’s saved filters and load the Storyboard. However, there are some types of Storyboards where it would be great to first define filter selections and then open the Storyboard as what normally happens is you open the Storyboard, wait for everything to load then select your filters and reload all of the content. Aaaahhhh, but wait…

  • In this release we have added an option to set a Storyboard to prompt for filters before running. Users with the ability to Create/Edit a Storyboard (Application Access Role permission “CanCreateDashboard”) are able to apply this setting as per the screenshot below.


  • Notification text: "Please note: The default Storyboard Filter Template will be displayed when the Storyboard opens, whether or not a user has their own saved filters set as their default. This option doesn't restrict users from changing back to their saved filters."


  • When this switch is enabled and a user launches a Storyboard, the filter bar opens and the body/content of the Storyboard doesn’t load. To load the Storyboard content a user has to click the “Apply” button on the filter bar. (The user doesn’t have to actually make any filter selections, but the prompt is provided as in most cases they probably will want to.)


  • For these Storyboards, the Storyboard Default Filter Template takes precedence and will always appear first whether or not the user has set their own saved filters as their default filter experience. But, a user is able to change their filters and apply their saved filters if they choose, but each time they open this Storyboard it will still launch the Default Filter Template initially. (ref 11204)


New Data Destination - Google Big Query

  • A big part of One Model's product vision for data orchestration is to help customers get maximum value from the high quality people analytics data models blended together from multiple sources and created in One Model. To this end, many One Model customers leverage our Data Destinations capability to push integrated, clean, modeled data into other systems, for example an enterprise data warehouse. We are continually expanding our set of pre-built connectors to streamline this and make it easy to deliver the People part of the Data Mesh and in this release we have two more connectors available.

  • In this release we have added the ability to push data from One Model to Google Big Query. For configuration details, please refer to our guide to Configure an BigQuery Data Destination (ref 7341).



Platform Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an issue where a newly created Redshift Data Source would not work. This was due to a bug introduced a couple of months ago, but didn’t affect any existing Redshift Data Destinations (ref 11734).


!Breaking News! Regarding the Next Product Release

  • Over the last few months we have been working on a major upgrade to our development framework upgrading to the latest version of .net. This upgrade provides lots of improvements in our base development technology and sets us up for some great innovations in the future. We have modified our release schedule a little to deploy this new platform update. We have split the 2022.05.11 release with a few major feature updates on 2022.05.11 (described in the release notes above) and the .net framework upgrade will be released on 18 May 2022. Given this change, we are going to skip the release planned for 25 May 2022.

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