Release Notes - 2022.06.08

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 June 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience

Improvements to The Filter Bar & Storyboard Permissions

  • We introduced a new Application Access Role Permission called "CanChangeHomePageFilterSet". When this option is enabled. users can add filters and use their own saved filters on the Homepage. If the user is not granted permission then these options are disabled. The user can still interact with filters that are pre-set for the Homepage in the page template (ref 11201).

  • When sharing Storyboards you will notice that the "Can Add Filter" option has been changed to "Can Change Filter Sets". Customer user feedback was that this option was a little ambiguous and ideally the option would limit a user from adding new filter dimensions and accessing previously saved filter sets - effectively limiting filtering for this particular Storyboard to the filters in the pre-defined filter template (11526).


  • We tightened up an inconsistency in how Storyboard permissions were being applied under some specific scenarios. When a Storyboard was being shared with a role, and at the time of sharing the Storyboard was set as able to be edited, anyone with that role would be able to edit the Storyboard whether or not the user has the Application Access Permission for creating/editing Storyboards "CanCreateDashboard". From this release, a user will need to be in a role that has the "CanCreateDashboard" enabled to edit a Storyboard however it was shared (ref 11727).

User Account Preferences

Some time ago we introduced a new option for how the user preferences were set in the Account menu. This was initially released with a company enablement option, but is now enabled for all users by default. The User Preferences page is where a user would reset their password, but there will be more user-centric preferences coming in the future (ref 10243).


A couple of UI tweaks:

  • When you are in a Storyboard and you open the action menu on a tile and then click away, or open an action menu on another tile, the original action menu would stay open, extra clicks are annoying right! Well, you will be pleased to know that now when you click away from an open action menu it automatically closes (ref 8729).

  • If you had a narrow Storyboard tile on the left of the screen and open the action menu it would get cut off as the menu would always open to the left by default. In this situation the action menu will now open up to the right of the tile (ref 11509).

  • [Edit: We had previewed some changes to radio buttons in Storyboards in the draft release notes, but we are making some additional enhancements, so will move this to a later release.]

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Data Destinations would get created at the same scheduled time if the Data Destination was scheduled to start while Processing Scripts were running (ref 11680).

  • Fixed an issue where the API Runs button doesn't work for a new API Data Source (ref 11848).

  • We added a helpful error message to the SFTP Data Destination in the case where a file already exists, but the Data Destination is not set to "Replace Existing Files". The Data Destination will now say "File already exists" in this case (ref 11111).

  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to set the Start Date for the Degreed connector (ref 11845).

  • Improved the performance of Batching Files in a data load. This batching is used when a large number of files are loaded into a single table in our Data Source page. We have reduced the time taken to combine each file before they are loaded (ref 10675).

  • We improved the performance of the Earliest Effective Transactions in Workday V2 by streamlining how the data is stored (ref 10905).

  • Fixed the Skills endpoint with our new Degreed connector. This was incorrectly returning authentication errors from Degreed (ref 11546).

Platform Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We received some feedback from a number of customers that they were experiencing some lag moving between pages in the product over the last week (e.g. navigating to Storyboards and Explore). We have made some changes that will hopefully fix this. If this isn't completely solved please let us know! (ref 12115)


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