Release Notes - 2022.10.26

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 26 October 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience Improvements

  • Sparklines! Even the name is exciting 😆. Yes, in this release we have added sparklines to tables in Storyboards. In the screenshot below you can see that there is a new section for Sparklines when editing table settings in a Storyboard. There are also settings for changing the formatting and positioning. (ref OM-12654)


  • As part of the launch of our new Org Chart capability In the last product update you would have also seen that this included the first release of our Insight Library. We have started adding the Insight Library to Explore and in this latest release you will be able to save items to the Insight Library within Explore. Today you are able to save and open Basic Charts with the Insight Library, but not all of the functionality is available yet, so watch the next couple of releases for more details of the exciting new capability as it comes available. (OM-11485)


  • Sometimes when using Explore you might start building a query by adding metrics, dimensions, columns etc. before thinking about the specific visualization type. A common scenario is when you start adding lots of detailed columns and forget you are using the Basic Chart visualization and not the List Table option. If you do this you will possibly overload the basic chart visualization. To catch this, and save lots of wasted time watching the dreaded loading spinner until the page crashes, we have added a warning message for users trying to run large queries in Explore. The warning is displayed when two or more pivoted columns are used with a basic chart visualization. (ref. OM-3610)


  • One of the most valuable features of the One Model application is the ability to drill through from aggregate metrics into the detailed transactional data. User’s that have the CanDrillthroughMetric Application Access Role permission are able to do this. When you click on a data point in a Storyboard table or chart you get a pop-up window that provides the metric definition, formula and the detailed transactional data table. With this improvement all users can click on a result and see the metric information such as description and calculation formula, and only when this permission is enabled can the user drill down to see row level data. For single metrics the table will automatically be displayed for users with the CanDrillthroughMetric permission (hidden for everyone else) and for calculated metrics, the action button to drill down only shows for users with the CanDrillthroughMetric permission. (ref. OM-13165)


  • We recently created two new application access role permissions called "CanExportImage" and "CanExportCSV" to control the type of exports an end user can export from the application. Tiles on the Homepage were the remaining area of the product to be supported with these permissions and so now customers can control all image based exports and csv data exports which helps support audit and compliance requirements. (ref. OM-13105)



Data Processing Improvements

  • We improved the functionality of our Processing Scripts page by making the Save button always available, even in the case where the script had recently been saved via an auto-save. This means that users can hit Ctrl + S whenever they want to, and see the latest results from the script validation. (OM-9147)

  • We added some clarity to our error message in the Data Destination Runs page in the case where a file is loaded into a directory that is inaccessible or can't be created from our SFTP Data Destination. This error message did say "No Such File", but it now says that the directory doesn't exist. (OM-11109)

  • We've updated the appearance and useability of our Date Selector for Degreed and Workday data sources. (OM-13060)

One AI

  • We removed the close button from the upper right corner of the augmentation page slide over to help prevent users from closing augmentations that haven’t been saved. We will make further updates to this page in the future to better address this problem.

  • Small bug fixes and performance enhancements

Platform Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We have improved the performance of long-running Explore queries in our Data Destinations tool. We're expecting performance to improve by 30% or more for Data Destinations that are taking more than 2 hours to run. (OM-11809)



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