Release Notes - 2022.10.05

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 5 October 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

New Org Chart Visualization

  • We are super excited to announce the general availability of our new Org Chart visualization as part of this release. Thank you to all the customers that have been providing input and feedback through our beta program.

  • Org Charts can be added to storyboards for general use and there is a dedicated page for creating an Org Chart, which is enabled via a new Application Access Role permission. [NB: Beta customers had access via the specials "Labs" menu option, but this has now been removed, so you will need to grant access to users who need to create Org Charts.]

  • Check out our user guide to learn more. The Org Chart is heavily dependent upon the dimensions available in your One Model instance. Reach out to your Customer Success lead to discuss how to best leverage this for your company.



General User Experience Improvements

  • We have improved the alignment of headers in tables in Storyboards. Table headers will now be aligned to match the default contents of the cell, e.g. left for text and right for numbers. When there are multiple headers nested in a table, the new alignment applies to the lowest level of the header nesting and higher levels will stay centered. (ref. 12715)

  • In this release we fixed some minor display issues when viewing the One Model application on a tablet in portrait mode so that everything fits to the size of the screen correctly. (ref. 12808)

  • Previously when pinning a tile to a Storyboard from Explore you would be shown a list of all the Storyboards that you have access to see and if you tried to pin a tile to a Storyboard and you didn't have Edit permission then you would see an error. Now this list is filtered to only display the Storyboards for which you have edit permission. (ref. 8415)

  • When you have a number of Storyboard filters and open the "Show all" option to expand the filter bar, the display and icons have now been updated to be consistent with other pages in the UI. (ref. 13023)

Data Processing Improvements

  • We fixed an issue where the Database Loader would error if it tried to load data while Redshift was in the AWS Maintenance Window. (ref. 11974)

  • We improved the reliability of our Processing Scripts in the case where users are querying Metrics or Dimensions at the point where they're being updated with new data. (ref. 13080)

One AI Innovations

One AI Recipes Official Release

One AI Recipes are an intuitive question and answer based workflow for framing your One Model data for predictive models that answer specific People Analytics questions. They make the process as easy as choosing the outcome you want to predict and answering a series of questions about the data you would like to leverage to make the predictions. The end result is a predictive model based on robust, clean, and properly structured data.

  • While One AI Recipes were technically released in the 2022.08.24 One Model release, many enhancements are included in this release. We’re considering this the “official” release of Recipes.

  • We put the “s” in recipes by adding two new recipes to the list. Joining Voluntary Attrition Risk are Involuntary Attrition Risk and Binary Promotion Analysis. As before, there is also the Custom / Advanced Model option that offers a less guided but more flexible workflow.

  • The recipe questions have been reordered and reworded to be more intuitive.

  • Target Override values can now be configured in the recipe workflow.

  • Help text, both inline and hover, has been refined.

  • Help documentation in both written and video format are now available here:


Platform Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • With the new Split Time feature announced in the previous release you needed to have explicit permissions to the underlying data columns for the split time feature to work. We now don't perform this check as time dimensions are not permissioned objects in One Model. (ref. 12394)

  • When using the drill-through table on a split time chart, you would see all years of data even if only a single node is selected. (This was still limited by the user's Data Access Role permissions.) The drill-through table is now filtered correctly. (ref. 13107)

  • We fixed some issues with how time filters would get passed through to drill-through queries when the metrics include time functions (incl. time projected metrics) and used in Split Time queries. (ref. 13140)

  • When exporting a Storyboard to PowerPoint the tiles could sometimes be out of order compared to how to see them on the screen. As of this release the tiles should be in the same order as they appear on the screen. (ref. 9797)



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