Release Notes - 2022.11.09

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 9 November 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience Improvements

  • In our previous product release we talked about the extension of our new Insight Library into Explore and in this release we have expanded that Explore coverage to include all types of Explore components. (ref OM-13413)

  • With this expansion of the Insight Library we have also started automatically filtering content based on where you are in the product, for example if you are in the Org Chart editor you will only see Org Charts in the Insight Library and if you are in Explore you won’t see Org Charts. (OM-13459)

Data Processing Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where an API Run got stuck when the One Model Application was updated.. (OM-12152)

  • We have added masking for passwords that are being typed into some of our newer Data Sources (Workday V2, Workday Custom Reports, Oracle V2, Degreed, Smart Recruiters). (OM-13569)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • Small but hopefully welcome update - when sharing a Storyboard you will see the list of Roles to be shared with are now sorted in alphabetical order like other areas of the One Model platform. (OM-11812)

  • You might have noticed that the styling of the drop-down menu for Storyboard filters was a bit off and some of the lines were thicker than others. We cleaned it up and all looks good again! (OM-13569)

  • We smashed another annoying little UI bug this release where the filters displayed at the top of Storyboard charts were a bit too crowded - these are now nicely spaced out. (OM-13040)

  • We added a new hyperlink indicator in the Org Chart to signify when a data element includes a deep-link. (OM-13033)



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