Release Notes - 2022.09.07

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 7 September 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

Data Processing Improvements

  • We've now made it possible for users to download the files that were sent during a Data Destination run for a limited time after the run is complete. This helps users to validate exactly what data was sent from their One Model instance. (ref 7008)

  • We've fixed an issue where it wasn't possible for a non-One Model user to create a new Workday connector. This allows our customers to create their own connector, and input the credentials directly. (ref 12090)

  • If a Google BigQuery Data Destination errors, we now return the actual Google BigQuery error in the BigQuery Data Destination so it's easier to see exactly what the error was without going back to the Job Details in Google BigQuery. (ref 12540)

Platform Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We've improved the performance of the Cache Warming step of our Data Loads by removing a step that checked for name changes in a Slowly Changing Dimension. (ref 12753)

  • We've fixed an issue where the Redshift Data Source might get stuck if the Redshift Cluster returned a "No more connections allowed" error. (ref 12744)

  • We've fixed an issue in the Google BigQuery Destination where it would error if a Metric was included that included brackets in the name of the metric. (ref 12587)

  • Some customers identified a new issue that would cause the Storyboard page to error if you changed the series type of some charts, e.g. bar/column to a line. This has been fixed. (ref 13131)



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