Release Notes - 2022.11.23

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 23 November 2022. You can see the full 2022 release schedule here:

User Experience Improvements

  • When we first launched the new table in our Storyboards we automatically applied pagination for detailed list tables due to the higher performance overhead of these. Working with customers since that initial launch and the high adoption of the new table we have now decided to enable table pagination in Storyboards for all table types, including pivot/crosstab tables to optimize performance for most general use scenarios. Of course you still have the option to turn off pagination in the table settings when editing the Storyboard. (ref 13950)

  • Complementing the recently released sparklines feature, in this release we have added the ability to include a change indicator and number or percentage to a table. The change is measured across the last two time periods in your table.

    You can enable the change indicator in the Storyboard Tile Settings panel when editing the Storyboard. (ref 12655) Options include:

    • Turning the change indicator on or off

    • Setting the colors for the up and down change indicator icons

    • Options to add a percentage and/or actual number for the degree of change

    • Adding a column heading in the table, e.g. “% Change” in the example below


Data Processing Improvements

  • We added a clearer message to External Redshift Data Destinations in the case that the wrong password is used. (ref 13340)

  • We fixed an issue where API Runs could get stuck in a “canceling” status if the user refreshed the page just after hitting the Cancel button. (ref 13960)

  • We've added support for a single Compressed folder containing multiple files to be used with an SFTP Data Source. (ref 13521)

Minor Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • We improved the ordering of dimension nodes in charts. In some scenarios the chart order could differ from the natural order of the nodes in the dimension. It should all match perfectly now, let us know if you find any situations where this is still an issue. (ref 13481)

  • We recently added the ability to filter using a time model. In this release we extended this to include the single value chart. (ref 13604)

  • We found an issue with the new sparklines feature recently released. If a table has multiple metrics and time periods and a given metric didn’t include data for all of the time periods, the data points for that metric would center align the data points and they weren’t displayed in relation to the correct time period. This has been corrected, so if you have a trend with only some of the possible data points they will all be aligned correctly. (ref 13945)

  • We identified an issue for some customers using the split time feature where if using months the months were displayed out of order. This has been sorted. (ref 13611)




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