Release Notes - 2021.02.10

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 10 February 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

User Experience

Storyboard Filter Search

We are excited to share a powerful new search capability within the Storyboard filter bar. This is a really fast way to find items within large multi-level dimensions and works for any dimension you add to the Storyboard filter bar.


To use the new search feature simply hover over a filter dimension and you will see a new search icon.


Click the search icon and then start typing and the application will start searching through all levels of the dimension to match your search work/letters. You can then select any relevant options and click the apply filters button. You can keep searching and adding to your selections too if you want to do multiple different searches within the same dimension, or from across different dimensions and then hit the apply button. The regular browsing feature still works as normal too and can be used in conjunction with the new search feature - just click the down-arrow when hovering a filter dimension.


The new filter search feature can be enabled for your instance by your administrator in the Company Admin setting page. The option is called: “Enable Elastic Search Dimension”. Once enabled, the search index will need to be created, which will happen automatically when the data for your instance is next processed (and automatically thereafter). (The search index can also be created manually - just reach out to the One Model support team for assistance.)


Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

We are also excited to announce that we now have a new type of Data Destination designed to quickly and easily output data from One Model Data Sources, as well as Metric and Dimension tables. This can be used to copy data en mass to an external location, so your One Model data can be visualised in other tools, such as Tableau or Power BI.

With this data destination, it's possible to select entire schemas, or individual tables from within those schemas to be sent to the Data Destination. All Data Destination types (SFTP, Redshift, and Amazon S3) are supported. (ref 7071)


Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • Improved the stability of our Workday connector by adding automatic retry logic for some additional errors from Workday that were found to be of a temporal nature. (ref 7347)

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an issue where V2 API Data Sources could get stuck with a “Waiting to Start” status instead of showing an exception that occurred before they started (ref 7109)

  • Fixed an issue where users could define relationships in the Processing Script using capital letters in column names. These would build correctly, but then throw an error when queries were run that used these relationships (ref 4191)

  • Fixed an issue where Redshift Data Destinations would fail if there was text that included a double quote. (ref 7212)



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