Release Notes - 2021.05.26

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 26 May 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

User Experience

Embedded Insights

  • An important part of One Model’s product vision is to democratize the use of advanced analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive and Statistics). Last year we released our real-time Forecasting capability within Storyboards and over the last few releases (in particular, see release notes from 2021-04-14) we have been expanding our embedded insights capability with the addition of Correlations and Line of Best Fit in Storyboards.

  • In this latest product release we have created an explanatory layer that interprets the statistics of the correlation and provides a simple explanation for anyone to understand the results. To run a Correlation or Line of Best Fit choose the options from the action menu on the top right of the tile. (ref 8538 & 8539)

  • Supporting the interpretation of these results, if you click the text, or the info icon you will open a pop-up panel that provides details of the correlation, it’s significance as well as details of the metrics. There is also a link to a more comprehensive help document at the bottom of the panel.

Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • In order to improve stability for the SFTP and Redshift Data Sources, we've prevented a single data source from running multiple times simultaneously. (ref 8292)

  • Added additional retry logic to improve resilience for unexpected restarts on Redshift clusters while Model Processing is running. (ref 8199)

  • We updated the File Name Pattern configuration for SFTP Data Sources so that it is not case sensitive. This allows for letters in the filename to change from Upper Case to Lower Case without affecting the data load. (ref 8368)

  • We have added a new permission for accessing raw data in the application. This is currently used to allow access to the list of invalid records from a File data source when "skipInvalidRows" is set to True. We will however add other use-cases for this permission in the future. (4397)

  • Added a Row ID to XML Data Sources that is cascaded to child objects in the XML data source. This makes it consistent and easy to join parent objects to child objects in the data source. (ref 8176)

  • We've added the ability to configure the length of time between when a Data Load for a File Data Source is created, and when it is expired. This will allow for the data load to be kept open for longer if it takes longer for the data to be sent. (ref 8172)

  • We've updated the One Model SuccessFactors API connector to also pull Inactive users (generally users who have been terminated) from the Users endpoint. Other endpoints from SuccessFactors (such as the Employment Information endpoint) already include these inactive users, but the Users endpoint works differently on the SuccessFactors side and needs special handling. This will help us to track history for Users who have since been terminated from the organization. (ref 8577)

  • We've added many of the scalability and stability enhancements to a new version of the One Model Greenhouse connector. This will be gradually rolled out to all of our customers who use Greenhouse. (ref 7285)

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • We've added the ability to cancel a Data Destination that is "Waiting To Start". This usually occurs when a Data Destination is waiting for Model Processing to complete. (ref 8394)

General Platform Improvements

New User Preferences Page

  • We've replaced the existing "Change Passwords" page with an updated "Preferences" page that more closely resembles our 2020 UI.

  • This new option can be enabled on the Company Admin page in the “Enabling 2020 User Experience” section.

  • We have additional plans for this page, so stay tuned for additional user preference options coming soon! (ref 8410)

Custom Help Link

  • In this release we added a nice little feature that lets customers change the URL for the Help button on One Model's top menu bar. This is for companies that would like to steer all users through their own support experience. This is configured in the Company Admin page. Tip: You need to enter the full URL including the http/s prefix, e.g.

Labor Market Intel

New Recruiting Storyboard

  • We're excited to announce that there is a new storyboard available in LMI. On the landing page there is a new section called Recruit Effectively. This section will eventually contain links to several storyboards that are aimed at helping users with Recruiting use cases. The first of these is now available and is called Talent Supply for Pipeline. It focuses on sourcing talent for your open roles.

Bugs Squashed

  • We fixed a number if issues with the new data visualization design capability, including:

    • We corrected an issue to do with label positioning when sorting in charts and also the correct connection between the legend and chart elements when hovering over a legend label. (ref 8085)

    • We changed the display of decimal places in data labels for charts, including stacked charts, to reflect the underlying metric definition. (ref 8152)

    • Exporting a chart to PNG wasn’t working, but is now fixed. (ref 8279)

    • The different marker symbols for data points on line charts weren't reflected in the legend, so we corrected this. As a byproduct of this, the default legend marker for all charts is now a circle. (ref 8150)

  • For some charts, notably the Pie Chart, if you had custom colours set from Explore and then made any other change to the chart in the Storyboard Design Panel the colours would be reset to the defaults. This is now fixed. (ref 8420)

  • We fixed a few items to do with custom branding in the new UI. The Highlight Button was using the wrong style for disabled status, this has been corrected and in the Storyboard Settings Panel the Filter Bar "Apply" button wasn't using the correct branding colours. (ref 8404)

  • We fixed an issue where users weren’t able to go to Explore from a tile on the Storyboard Home Page. (ref 8556)


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