Release Notes - 2021.03.24

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements delivered on 24 March 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here: (Notably, we have changed the April product release dates and these will now happen on 7 and 21 April.)

It is a fairly minor update this time around, here is a list of the items released and recent bugs fixed:

  • We changed the wording of the new Storyboard Export feature from just "Export" to read "Export to PowerPoint", so it's super clear for users. (ref 7932)

  • We improved some issues with the new chart library regarding drill down and some results being restricted for some users. (refs 7948 & 7949)

  • Sorting wasn't working in the new chart library, so this is now fixed.

  • Export to .csv from Storyboards wasn't working when the last release initially went out and was fixed the next day. (ref 8140)

  • Performance improvements for Storyboard load times. Depending on the contents of the Storyboard this can be significant, for example on some examples we tested load times increased from around 25 seconds to 5 seconds for a pre-cached Storyboard.

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