Release Notes - 2021.04.14

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 14 April 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

User Experience

OneAI Statistics in Storyboards

One Model has a vision to democratize AI and provide statistical decision support across the entire One Model platform. In 2020 we delivered real-time forecasts in Storyboards and building on this, we have been working on delivering a wide range of statistical services in the hands of all users.


In this release we have a first version of our new integrated Correlations and Line of Best Fit insights. These new insights work within Scatterplots and can be enabled via the action menu in the same way Forecasts are enabled for Line Charts. Using this new capability you are able to determine the statistical relationship between two metrics to answer questions such as “What is the relationship between employee engagement and retention?” In this initial release we are revealing the raw statistics and in future releases we will be providing a more refined interpretive layer that will explain the insights for the less statistically fluent user.

Since this initial release is statistics heavy we have created new Application Access Role permissions to enable these features. While we were at it we also included Forecasting in the Application Access Roles (NB: The new statistics and permissions are only applicable for the new data visualization framework, HighCharts).


New Data Visualization Design Capability

You would have seen in our last couple of release notes that we have started rolling out our new charting capability and this comes with a lot of new design configurability. As well as fixing bugs (see these in the bug section below) we have been adding more features such as:

  • As part of this release we improved the look and feel of Scatterplots and Pie Charts and also included more settings in the Storyboard design panel.

  • Stacked Chart Totals - You can now display the total for a stack in a stacked chart (ref 7610).


Improvements to Data Ingestion

  • We added a helpful error message to Greenhouse API Runs when Greenhouse is unavailable, which could be due to maintenance or technical issues for them. This allows users to retry the API Run once Greenhouse is available again. (ref 6855)

  • Added a password reconfirmation when reconfiguring the 'Endpoint' field for a Redshift Data Source for improved security. (ref 7883)

General Platform Improvements

Cumulative Year To Date

  • Enhancing our Year To Date (YTD) capability, we added the ability to calculate cumulative Year To Date (YTD) values for all months of years prior to the current one. For example, our Year To Date Metric Time Function by default only cumulates values up to the day of the previous year. If this is in April, the result looks like this:

  • We have now added a flag to the Time Function that instead allows values to accumulate over the entire year:

  • This can be configured using the new switch under the time functions section of the Edit Metrics page. Note: This will be defaulted to On for all currently existing Year To Date metrics to maintain backward compatibility and prevent results from changing with the release. (ref 7791)

Data Destinations

  • We changed the Data Destination page so that each destination can be expanded by clicking anywhere on the bar - instead of just the name of the Destination. This makes the page work more like the Data Sources page. (ref 2931)

User Statistics

  • Accompanying new features we have been delivering in the product we have been adding more data to our user statistics framework, which covers the use of the following features. (Connect with your Customer Success contact if you would like these added to your user statistics storyboards.)
    - Storyboard Export to PowerPoint
    - Running a Forecast
    - Running a Correlation
    - Running a Line of Best Fit


  • We are continually enhancing the One Model platform to leverage the best technology for our customers and over the last year we have been adopting Kubernetes to add improved scalability, performance and stability for customers. In this release we have moved a number of core data processing services to run within Kubernetes.

Bugs Squashed

  • The new data visualization capability we have been rolling out still has a few edges to be refined (thanks to those customers experimenting with this and providing feedback). We have fixed a number of bugs (the most notable mentioned below) and have some known issues we are still working on, e.g. chart legends not matching chart elements in some cases, the "unknown" dimension node not showing and null dimension notes affecting chart order and drill-down.

  • New data visualization - Pie Chart labels were sometimes cut-off and the general size of the chart wasn’t great, so we made a few tweaks here. (ref 7784)

  • New data visualization - Stacking in the new charting was not working correctly under some circumstances and these have been fixed in this release. Please let us know if you encounter any new scenarios for us to improve. (ref 8192)

  • The feature allowing you to link a Storyboard Tile to another Storyboard for user navigation is one of the most liked and heavily used by customers. However, if a Storyboard was deleted and it had links to it from other Storyboard Tiles those links would break next time a user tried to click the link. So, now when a linked Storyboard id deleted the associated links will also be deleted. (ref 7575)

  • With the new UX enabled if you pinned a new Explore tile to the Home Page the default size of the tile was too small and had to be subsequently resized in the Home Page Template Edit page. Now these tiles will be added to the Home Page in the standard default tile size. (ref 7975)

  • We fixed some issues with saving changes in the Branding settings in the new UX. (ref 7998)

  • We made a number of improvements to Single Sign On and tightened up a number of platform security items in this release.


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