Release Notes - 2021.09.08

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 September 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

User Experience

New Storyboard Table - Beta Release

We are super excited to announce that we haven been working on a new table for Storyboards and that this is now available for beta testing. We have a long list of customer suggestions for the tables in Storyboards and our new version aims to deliver on the most highly requested and value added capabilities. Key features include:

  • freezing the table header row/s

  • show/hide columns

  • rename columns

  • show/hide pagination footer controls

  • new table design

  • conditional formatting!

The new table pagination footer is automatically applied to detailed list tables, but not for pivoted/crosstab tables. You can manually control pagination in the Storyboard design settings. For detailed list tables, we strongly encourage retaining the default setting of the pagination footer control otherwise the table will try and load all possible data, which will likely cause a performance issue for the Storyboard if it contains a very large amount of data.

Conditional formatting has been introduced and this includes a range of options for highlighting data based on certain rules that you can create in the Storyboard design settings.

There is a lot more to come, but we are releasing this early version as it hits on some of the key customer asks and we wanted to pick the next set of priorities based on additional customer feedback.

There are a few known issues, but if you would like to be a beta tester and have early access, this is a per-user setting, so please contact your Customer Success team contact, or reach out via Intercom and we can help set it up for you.



Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed an issue with Workday data sources where the Maintenance Window setting might reset if the data source was updated. This would result in the Maintenance Window not lining up with Workday, causing Data Loads running over that window to error.. (ref 9358)

  • Fixed an issue with the SuccessFacctors Connector where it could fail with an Unrequestable Join if certain tables were selected. This is because adding an object in the SuccessFactors API also brings through tables that are associated with the selected object. In some cases, we were requesting associated objects that were not available within the customer instance - which were causing the error. We now ignore associated objects that are not available within the customer's data model. (ref 9313)

Performance Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • In this release we delivered some fairly significant performance improvements to how we handle dimensions. In particular, we have improved performance in some areas of the UI, like expanding dimensions in explore, and looking through nodes in the storyboard filters. (ref 9492)

  • Great news for customers that use the Amazon Redshift Data Destination. We've improved the performance of exports to Redshift via Data Destinations by up to 33%. Enjoy… (ref 8570)

  • Fixed an issue where Redshift Data Destinations would show a different number of decimal places in metric results to the Explore query they came from. (ref 9438)

  • Drill-through export from a Storyboard table was exporting too many rows because it was not applying the filter based on the "Additional Columns" value. The on-screen drill-through was fine, it was just the export results that were too large. This was not a security issue as it was still only data the user already has access to see, but more of a filtering issue. This only happened when grouping by Additional Columns. But, now all's well. (ref 9099)

  • We had an issue where if you updated just the PersonID field as part of a user file upload that wouldn't trigger an update to the user. This has been corrected. (ref 9546 - this was patched on 25 Aug 2021.)

  • In this release we significantly improved the processing speed for the new file based user upload capability. On initial release this capability would take around 90 minutes for a file of around 4,000 users, but now this same file will take around 40 seconds!


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