Release Notes - 2021.10.13

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 13 October 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

New Storyboard Table - Beta Release Updates

  • In the last release we announced the beta release of our new Storyboard Table. In this release we have fixed a few minor issues and added some more functionality to conditional formatting.

    • You can now build a conditional formatting rule based on a comparison to another column within the table (ref 9528)

    • We added the ability to select multiple combinations of dimensions when headers in a table have nested dimensions. (ref 9682)

    • Previously conditional formatting would try and apply numerical rules to text columns, which could result in strange results where text columns were highlighted. This has now been corrected. (ref 9821)

  • Looking ahead to the next release, you will be able to enable the new table for all users via a simple switch in the Company Admin page. If you can’t wait until then we might be able to sort something out for you :)

Other User Experience Features

  • We added a warning if a user attempts to share a Storyboard with roles and the user themselves is not part of any of those roles. The warning lets them know that they are about to lose access to the storyboard if they proceed. (ref 9653)

  • When editing a text box in a Storyboard if you clicked out of the text box you would lose any changes you had been making. We have now blocked clicking out of the box and to close the box you now need to save changes by using the green tick mark, or the newly added close button (X) on the top right of the text box. (ref 6403)

  • We added some validation for the Schema selection in the Redshift Data Destination, so that the name of the schema matches the schema names that can be put into Redshift. This prevents an error in the Data Destination where the schema can't be created in Redshift (ref 9470)

File Based User Upload & Automated Role Assignment

We changed the label for the user setting to automatically assign roles on login. The new label makes it clearer that this is applicable for users whether their roles are being automatically assigned via SSO, or file upload. The change is as follows:


  • from: Automatically assign One Model roles based on Single Sign On roles if supplied as part of SSO

  • to: On login automatically assign One Model roles from the mapping of Company Supplied Roles configured for SSO or File Based User Upload

This change has a flow-on change to the headers in the .csv file structure used for uploads. Accordingly, the column heading has been changed as follows:

  • from: Use Sso Assigned Roles

  • to: Auto Assign Roles On Login


NB: Change impact - this change to the header for the .csv file means that any user upload files you are using will now need to be updated to reflect this hew label, otherwise they will fail to upload. Please refer to the example in the screenshot below:




Performance Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed an issue where the Drillthrough for a metric query may return a different result to the metric query itself if no Time Dimension node was selected. This was because the Drillthrough query would revert to the Default Time Dimension if no node was selected, but the Metric Query would use the Time Dimension referenced in the query. The results differed, because the two Time Dimensions may cover different periods of time, affecting the result (ref 9494)

  • We added some additional messaging in Storyboards to indicate when a user is viewing a chart that has a dimension restriction in place, thus limiting the data that they have access to see. Related to this we also improved error messages in Storyboard tiles for general security access restrictions. (ref 9539 & 9540)

  • If a user did not have any roles assigned to them they might have received an error when logging into One Model. We now direct the user to the generic One Model home page with a splash screen and no content. (ref 9352 & 9614)

  • Removed some unwanted data coming through for the Get_Employee_Review endpoint from the Workday V2 connector. This will improve the performance of this endpoint for customers who use it. (ref 9500)

  • Improved the reliability of the Workday Maintenance Window support for the Workday Custom Reports Connector (ref 9022)

  • Fixed an issue where complex model configurations (specifically related to relationships within the Data Model) could cause errors in front-end queries (ref 9293)

  • Fixed an issue where sending Percentage Metric results to Snowflake using the Snowflake Data Destination would try to place % characters in a numeric field, causing an error (ref 9635)

  • Fixed an issue where Workday Custom Reports could throw an error saying "The task was cancelled" if a report took more than an hour to download. We've increased the maximum time that a report can download for to two hours (ref 9002)

  • Added retry logic for a 451 error from the SuccessFactors API. This exception is meant to indicate that the data is not available for legal reasons, but seems to intermittently come through for some customers. (ref 9477)

  • As part of our mission to continually improve the underlying performance of the One Model framework we added some improvements to how we handle large csv exports. (ref 9484)

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