Release Notes - 2021.11.24

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 24 November 2021. You can see the full 2021 release schedule here:

User Experience

Additional options for sharing Storyboards & controlling filtering

  • As part of a broad One Model deployment, one scenario we commonly find with many customers is to have a large number of Storyboard only users. The Storyboards for these users are tightly curated and while the content may draw from many analytical dimensions the intention is that they only use the specific filter dimensions set up by the Storyboard designer and not add additional filters.

  • In this release it is possible to limit whether a user is able to add additional filters to a Storyboard when you share the Storyboard. For roles that have view only permission to a Storyboard you can decide whether or not they are able to add additional filters. (See screenshot below.) This new feature will not affect any existing Storyboard permissions on release, but you will be able to use the new filter limitation on new or existing Storyboards. (ref 7767)

New Bullet Chart Option

We have added a nice option to our new charting that allows you to turn off the line on a line chart. What! - why would you want to do that? Well, turning off the line retains the data point dots on the line, so you can use this as a new dot-style chart, which functions very much like a bullet chart. It works really nicely as a comparison to other data per the example below.


Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • Fixed an issue where the Redshift Data Source would still show references to tables that had been removed from configuration by the user. When a user removes a table from a Redshift data source, all references to that table will be removed from the data source the next time it is run. (ref 9638)

  • The Default Time Dimension for each instance can now be configured as an option in the Processing Script. This is done by adding an isDefault(true) line to the processing script for the desired Time Dimension. (ref 4235)

Performance Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • The pagination options in our new table weren't working properly in the Firefox browser, so this has been corrected. (ref 10105)

  • If a dimension is removed from One Model, but there are queries that include items from that dimension those queries would fail. For example, if the query includes an additional column from the dimension table that was removed. This is expected and usually the now redundant query element can be simply deleted within Explore, but there are rare cases where this might not work. This has been corrected in this release. (ref 10069)

  • Fixed an issue where changing the order of nodes in a Time Dimension to Highest to Lowest would cause Time Models to not work correctly, and only return at most a single time period of data. (9623)



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