Release Notes - 2021.12.08

Welcome to the latest One Model product release update. This article provides an overview of the product innovations and improvements to be delivered on 8 December 2021.

This is our last formal product release for 2021. Check out our new release schedule for 2022 here:

User Experience Updates

Formatting Option for Stacked Chart Labels

As per the example screenshot below, when you select either Value or Percentage in the chart Stacking options, you are able to add custom formatting. By default Value and Percentage will simply display just that number, but you are able to add additional text as well as either the Value or Percentage as a second number in the label. The option you select from the drop-down (i.e. Value or Percentage) will control the axis format.

In the format input field you can enter any regular text and it will appear as you see it in the label, but the two words {value} and {percentage}, when bound by curly brackets will be substituted by the numbers corresponding to the data displayed in the chart. (NB: these words must be in lowercase.)

So, for example, entering {value} will display just the value and {percentage} will display just the percentage. You can insert these within other text, or have simple text separators, e.g. {value}, {percentage} will display the value and percentage results separated by a comma. If you want to have the value and percentage stacked on top of each other you can use the enter key on the keyboard to add a line break.

Example formatting options:

  • {value}, {percentage}

  • {percentage}, {value}

  • {value}- {percentage}

  • {percentage} - {value}

  • {value}

  • {percentage}

Improvements to Data Pipeline Processing

  • It's now possible to create a Redshift Data Destination with names that include capital letters or special characters such as "-". (ref 9861)

Performance Improvements & Bugs Squashed

  • A small UI change you may notice when creating or editing users is that we removed the option to set Intercom for a user. This was a feature available if a customer had their own instance of Intercom that they wanted to leverage from within One Model, but hasn’t been used, so we have removed the option to simplify the user options. (ref 7505)

  • Fixed an issue where Redshift Data Destinations would fail if the data included a double quote character ("). ( ref 10188)


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